Tal Perez lives and works in Jerusalem,Israel.he studied contemporary art in musrara,the nagger school of art located in Jerusalem Israel between 2011-2014.During his studies tal discovered his big love to painting rather then photography.painting is calculated at higher levels,everything serves a purpose,the element of time,object's,color,strokes.It all build's up to a point which the observer can be redirected to a vast number of realities.With this mindset,tal treats the technical side of photography in the same manner as a  painting.In his work,tal tries to bring out of the equation the sense of time.and tries communicate with the observer using a single shot,that everything in it,supposed to be there and hold meaning,just like a painting.




 Exhibitions :

"Wild" – Group Exhibition – Musrara Social Gallery - 2013

"Ei Baemtsa" – Group Exhibition – Musrara Social Gallery – 2014

"Ma'at" – Personal Photo Exhibition – Morel Drefler Gallery – 2014



Awards :

Winner of a printing and framing scholarship awarded

by HC Studio gallery and Roni Miron,2014-judges :Dr.Aya Luria,Yaniv Yeuhda Eiger,Lea Golda Holterman.




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